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Friday August 9, 2024 following the Friday Night Play-In Invitational

Franklin Township Fire Department Fields 3&4

  • Contestants are required to check-in no later than 6 pm at Field 3 on Friday August 9th. 
  • There will be three divisions.  20 & Under, 13 & Under, and 8 & Under.  Trophies will be awarded to each division.

Chris Cannavo

Chris Cannavo

Phone: (908) 246-9624


Players will receive 5 outs.  *If there is a tie, we will have a 3 out sudden death to determine our champion. 

Golden Ball Rule:  in each round, we will have designated “Golden Balls” that will be used on each contestant’s final out.  Golden Balls are worth two (2) runs each, and there is no limit on how many Home Runs can be hit on the Golden Ball round.  ** It is the responsibility of each contestants’ pitcher to use the golden ball on the final out.

  • Any sudden death round will not be subject to the Golden Ball Rules.
  • Additional Rounds could be added, depending on turnout and time.

Past Champions

11AWCWBT  Hector Smith, Total Kaos

12AWCWBT  Ryan Pierson, Rookies

13AWCWBT  Jeff Cooney, Total Kaos

14AWCWBT  Ryan Pierson, Rookies

15AWCWBT  Kyle Cybrowski, Big Blue Machine

20AWCWBT  Dave Nemeth, Rookies

21AWCWBT  Adam McCarter, Muff Divers

                               12&U  Bobby Grezenda

22AWCWBT  Marcus Ranalli, Men With Big Sticks

                                12&U  Kelly Morgan

23AWCWBT  Pete Warsen, Washington's Teeth

                                12&U  Connor Stengall

24AWCWBT Joey Bamford, Boro Bullies

                               10&U  Connor Cuff

                               14&U  Joey Cannavo

25AWCWBT 8&U Michael Cannavo

                              14&U Rocco Munzipapa